Help wanted

Who am I?

My name is John Butcher. I am a retired academic.

In a few months from now I will be 90. I live in quite a large house with enough space for a helper. The spare bedroom is close to a second bathroom.

I live a quiet life and mainly spend my time working on my computer and listening to (classical) music.

I do not drink alcohol and my house is smoke-free.

Although I live alone, I have a friend who comes to stay with me for a few days each week.

When I am by myself, I don't venture past the front gate on my own, because of safety concerns.

The help I need

I am interested in finding a helper to live in my house rent-free in exchange for helping me in various ways, A partial list of possible items is as follows

  1. Keep an eye on me for possible falls or other difficulties I might have, related to my age and poor mobility
  2. Help me with meals on the days nobody else is in the house
  3. Encourage me to get the exercise I need
  4. Put out the rubbish bins
  5. Accompany me to medical, and similar appointments, to make sure I am safe
  6. Keep the house clean and tidy
  7. Wash dishes using a dishwasher
  8. Wash clothes occasionally using a washing machine
  9. Help me clear one of the rooms from junk and refurbish this room

I have no idea if anybody would be interested in taking on an arrangement like this. It might be interesting for a student who needs a place to stay but wouldn't mind helping me in the ways I have described.

Contact me to find more information

If you are interested, and want to find out more, please email me at

John Butcher