Nature of this journal

This journal will contain a record of events, projects and collaborations organized on a monthly basis.
In addition it will contain entries for future items in anticipation of their actual occurrence.

January 2011

  • Visit of Pavla Sehnalová January - March
        Pavla's visit is to work on her thesis and a paper on Obreshkov predictor-corrector methods
  • Visit of Niall Madden January - February
        Niall and his wife Rachel Quinlan (who works in group theory and mathematics education) were in
        Auckland mainly in the time I was in Amsterdam but we had some conversations which were
        interesting to me at least.
  • My visit to Amsterdam 14 January - 14 February
        The first reason for the trip was to take part in the Verwer65 workshop to celebrate the career of
        Jan Werver who retired this month after 37 years
  • Collaboration meetings in Amsterdam
        Helmut Podhaisky (Halle), Adrian Hill (Bath) and Daniel Weiss (Tübingen) each spent a few days with
        me in Amsterdam during my four week visit to the CWI

    February 2011

  • CWI65 Soirée, Amsterdam 9 February
        van Wijngaarden awards were presented to Éva Tardos and myself
  • Death of colleagues
       Two long-standing colleagues died within a few days of each other
            Mike Delves, a student in Auckland in the 1950s and later Professor of Computational Mathematics
            at the University of Liverpool, died on 13 February 2011 from prostate cancer.
            Jan Verwer, whose career at the CWI was celebrated the previous month, died unexpectedly
            on 16 February 2011.

    March 2011

  • Visit of Jae Heon Yun 1 - 6 March

    April 2011

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    July 2011

  • Participated in SciCADE 2011 11 - 15 July
    This took place in Toronto and was hosted by the Fields Institute

    August 2011

    September 2011

  • CR Reviewer of the month
    I have been named as Reviewer of September for Computing Reviews

    October 2011

  • Visit to University of California Merced
    For the two weeks starting 3 October, I will be the guest of Mayya Tokman at UC Merced. I will give four lectures to her Numerical differential equations class. I also gave a seminar and carry out research with Mayya on exponential integrators.

    November 2011

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    January 2012

  • Visit to Germany and Italy
    + Halle 8 - 14 January
    + Oberwolfach 13-20
    + Salerno 21 - 28

    February 2012

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    April 2012

  • Visit to Johannesburg, SA
    + 2 - 4 April, SANUM Conference, invited speaker

    May 2012

    June 2012